Happy New Year!

I know this blog doesn't look any different than my previous photography blog but I just wanted a separate one for this upcoming season.

On thursday Jan 3rd I will be headed to Kona Hawaii to participate in an intensive 3 month photography course. (For more information click here.)

This school is run through YWAM (Youth with a Mission) which is an interdenominational Christian missions organization that was started in the 60's with the desire to see young people sent to the nations as missionaries. You might have heard about YWAM in the news recently with the shooting in Colorado, I was at that base in 2004 doing a school of worship, I did not know anyone involved. Here is an article that talks about the shooting and the organization.

I've been looking into this school ever since I started with YWAM in 2003. They only accept 16 people a year. Even though tomorrow will be my last day here in the continental US it still doesn't quite feel like a reality.

Along with updating this blog (how frequent I don't know, that will be based on how much free time I have) I will be sending out monthly e-mail updates. If you'd like to get those you can send me an e-mail to ywamjim@yahoo.com with "subscribe" in the title.

I've also committed to doing one self portrait a day for 2008 (it's a flickr thing) you can follow that here.

Here's to an awesome 2008.
jim baker

p.s if you leave a comment please leave your first and last name so I know who you are!

Friday, April 4, 2008

uh... THIS will probably be the last post here...

If you want to see photos from my other classmates you can check them out here. Our school leader just put up this website.

I miss living in community.
jim baker

Friday, March 28, 2008

back home

hey everyone...

i'm back home and am not to impressed with the cold and cloudy weather.

why can't i see the ocean in the horizon? all i see is dead trees...

i'm going to be streamlining all of my blogs soon but thank you for tuning in and checking out the things that I've been doing over this past three months.

for now I'll be posting back at...


see ya there,
jim baker

Saturday, March 22, 2008

03.22.08 - its all over...

Last night we had our exhibition of all of our work. Here is a picture of my display. We had a couple of hundred people come through last night.

I'm working on debriefing and trying to process everything I learned on all levels and also start the cleaning and packing process.

I fly out Wednesday night back to the east coast. Lets hang out soon.
jim baker

Thursday, March 20, 2008

03.20.08 - another slideshow

an slideshow of my work from the past 3 months.

jim baker

Latvia Documentary

Discipling a Nation

If you remember last spring I went to Latvia with Seth Rainwater and spent a week shooting video for a documentary on the lives of Chris and Lydia Bischoff, two American missionaries in Latvia. Here's the finished product.

1 week left here in Hawaii...
jim baker

p.s I miss Latvia a lot...

Monday, March 17, 2008

a day in the life of Phil Cunningham

When we had photojournalism week we had to shoot a photo story. I originally wanted to do my photostory on Phil but part of the assignment requirements was to get off campus.

So this past Friday we had a free day to work on the final assignment so I took the morning to shoot and the evening to edit. This is my first photo essay.

I really admire Phil because its not typical for a guy to uproot his family so that his wife can pursue one of her dreams. And not only that switch roles and do an awesome job of taking care of his daughters. Phil's a hero of mine.

For more information you can check out his blog at...

music by:

jim baker

03.17.08 - final project?

Last night I pulled an all nighter and printed all the prints I needed for my final project and matted the ones I needed to. Printing is rough... it totally reminds me of recording music, all of the imperfections stare you in the face. It will be interesting to go look at the stuff again today now that i'm rested.

Weak pictures make for even weaker prints. It takes a special piece to be enlarged... and the closer you get it in camera the better... tons of editing looks like crap once its printed.

I'm really glad to be done with printing and matting, now I just need to get a few small things done and thats a wrap.

Here's some shots I did the other night with my new light set up that I showed you.

The model is Amanda Morgan and she did an awesome job.

Off camera flash shot reflected into an umbrella, 45 degree angle, white paper background.

10 more days...
jim baker

p.s happy st patty's day